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People fresh out of school: potential Software Developers, UX Designers, Full-stack Marketers & Sales Associates, you've come to the right place.

Who we are

Columbia Road is an independent Futurice subsidiary challenging the old ways of running ecommerce and digital business. We exist to increase our clients’ revenue and help them get more customers in the digital era. Our tight-knit team consists of business consultants who understand software as well as business-minded digital marketing, design and technology specialists.

We, like Futurice, are a great place to work. Our company spirit is one of a true start-up, but with a twist of hard-core experience. We believe in giving a lot of responsibility and freedom to our employees. It’s also important for us to live as we preach, which is why our office is a brick-and-mortar shop located in the heart of Helsinki - in true omnichannel style. We love to laugh a lot, play some tunes at the office and grab a few drinks after work.

We believe that technology is a tool which we need to master, but the actual business impact of the service is the first thing we want to understand, and select proper tooling after that. We also believe that marketing and sales should be a joint effort. Marketing is not an add-on, it’s in the core of digital sales. Digital marketers, developers and designers should be working as an effective team developing digital sales. We’re committed to making a change in the field of digital sales.

The roles

We are looking for bright young software developers, UX designers, full-stack marketers and an associate to our sales team, who want to change the way digital commerce is done now and in the future.

Software Developer

As a software developer, you are interested in what happens under the hood of modern digital sales channels. You might be familiar with one or two of the following technologies such as JavaScript, Typescript, React, Node.js, iOS/Android, ReactNative, Clojure, Scala, PHP, Python or some other front-end or back-end technology or you are just starting out. Both backend and front-end development interest you — but of course we don't expect you to know it all — it's much more important that you are eager to learn new technologies and ways of working. In this role you will have a top-of-the-class development team to support you in learning and you’ll have the ability to create real impact in our clients’ business.

UX Designer

As a UX designer, you understand the client and their customers, prioritise use cases and features, create mockups and prototypes and test them. You are also able to work together with developers to make your designs a reality. We don’t require you to code, but if you do, it’s definitely a bonus. Your toolkit includes a handful of design tools you’re already proficient with — those tools might include some these: paper prototyping, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Invision, Marvel, Zeplin, Figma, Principle or Framer. We all understand that the toolkit will expand and our senior experts provide support in learning new methods and skills. It’s not a problem for you to present your own ideas to a small group of people from time to time, for example in a workshop. You'll get to learn new things fast in a supportive environment with a lot of responsibility.

For design roles, the ability to work in Finnish – do user research & testing, for example – is a very strong asset.

Full-stack Marketer

As a full-stack marketer you’ll have the power to make clients’ sales skyrocket! You are excited about growth hacking and interested in results-oriented marketing. You might have projects ranging from simple search engine marketing to setting up analytics and tagging frameworks for our clients, or optimising clients’ digital campaigns. You might be familiar with some modern marketing tactics, such as SEM, SEO (both content and technical), SMM, Marketing Automation, Media Buying, Inbound and lead generation or Amazon SEM+SEO — but we don't expect you to know it all! You need to be analytics driven and love data crunching, dashboards and reporting. You feel ok to present your own ideas to a small group from time to time, for example in a workshop. You’ll get to work on projects in close collaboration with clients and you’ll always have a world-class team of marketers and analysts for support and to learn from.

For marketer roles, the ability to work in Finnish – create ad/email copy, understand search terms – is a requirement.

Sales Associate

As an associate in our sales team, your work consists of handling the whole consulting sales process from first contact and initial discussions to drafting and presenting proposals all the way through to project management during the project delivery. Sales in management consulting context is a bit like case solving, but you’re also making sure the proposed case gets delivered as promised. You are social, great with people and enjoy being in new situations. This position is perfect if you want to learn what it takes to grow a top-tier management consulting business in digital business context. You'll be part of a sales team where you'll get support and learn from more senior salespeople and consultants.

For sales roles, the ability to work in Finnish – understand our prospects, build trust and help them formulate their challenges – is a requirement.

Graduates? Who's included?

We are looking for ambitious university or applied university students studying the skills needed in various aspects of digital commerce. You might already have some experience in digital projects, whether from school or a personal hobby project (or even from work).

You are able to start working full-time soon or have an actionable plan for finishing your courses and thesis. Thus, we can do the paperwork so that you finish school first and start working soon after.

If you still have more than a year before you're done with studies, consider our Summer Jobs instead. The time to apply for those is around November.

The Details

How to Apply

When applying, please specify whether you are applying for a job as:

a) Software Developer

b) UX Designer

c) Full-stack Marketer

d) Sales Associate

Please add the following to your application:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume / CV
  • The most recent study transcript from your school (opintorekisteriote in Finnish).
  • Links to GitHub or to your online portfolio, if relevant to the role at hand

NOTE: We are currently not able to offer visa sponsorships for Finland, so unfortunately we can't take applications from outside EU/EEA forward, unless your student visa allows for you to work as well.


You have already some experience in the fields above – either from work, studies or from free time. Try to showcase your knowledge and experience as clearly as possible in your application and additional attachments.

You are self-driven, active and want to continuously learn new things. You understand the basics of digitalisation and you approach problems in an analytical manner.

You are comfortable in communicating matters related to your own work and you enjoy working with other people in an agile environment. It’s not a problem for you to present your own ideas to a small group of people from time to time, for example in a workshop.

You are looking for a workplace where you get to learn new things fast from more senior experts and where you get a lot of responsibility.

You would love to work in a fast-paced startup environment solving real-life customer problems from various business domains.


What we offer:

  • Best people to work with
  • Competitive salary
  • Brick-n-mortar office in downtown Helsinki
  • Lunch benefit
  • Phone subscription benefit
  • Laptop
  • Health care with Terveystalo
  • Dental care with Hygga
  • Culture/Sport Coupons
  • Insurance for travel and free-time by Pohjola
  • Recurring training & learning sessions
  • Friday breakfasts
  • Company excursion trips (i.e. last fall to London)

Take a look at our Culture Code to get to know us better.

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