Full Stack Developer

Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland


Columbia Road is looking for a Full Stack Developer. In this role you are able to build full stack digital commerce services, omnichannel solutions and webshops for the world’s leading brands such as Tesco, Nespresso, Vodafone, German Wings as well as key brands in Finland such as Marimekko, Sanoma, SOK and Kesko - to mention a few.

Who we are

Columbia Road is an independent Futurice subsidiary challenging the old ways of running ecommerce and digital business. We exist to increase our clients’ revenue and help them get more customers in the digital era. Our tight-knit team consists of business consultants who understand software and highly talented business-driven design and technology specialists.

We believe that technology is a tool which we need to master, but the actual business impact of the service is the first thing we want to understand, and select proper tooling after that.

We, like Futurice, are a great place to work. Our company spirit is one of a true start-up, but with a twist of hard-core experience. We believe in giving a lot of responsibility and freedom to our employees. It’s important for us to live as we preach, which is why our office is a brick-and-mortar shop located in the heart of Helsinki - in true omni-channel style. We love to laugh a lot, play some tunes at the office and grab a few drinks after work.

Who you should be

You are frustrated in the old ways of doing eCommerce. You are looking for an opportunity to change the digital commerce ways of working into a more agile direction: instead of platforms we should speak more about business impact. Instead of waterfall, ecommerce should be lean.

You are a full stack developer with experience in eCommerce or in full-stack development in general. We don’t expect you to have years and years of experience with a particular eCommerce platform – lots of positive energy and a “getting things done” attitude is the winning combination.

You have experience in building Java/J2EE/.NET/C# -based web solutions and related integrations, but you also know your way around with other languages such as Ruby, Scala, PHP or JavaScript.

You understand that technology is a means to an end: the business problem we are solving defines the technology stack that is best for the case – not the other way around. This means that the variety of technologies we may be use in a customer case may vary quite a lot.

By nature, you are analytical and like to solve problems. You are able to bring clarity to uncertain and chaotic situations. You are ambitious and results-oriented in everything you do, but you like to have fun as well.

You will have a great chance to grow with us, nurture your own ambitions and learn new skills within Digital Sales and become a real Digital Commerce superstar!

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