Designer with a business mindset

Helsinki, Finland


Columbia Road is an independent Futurice subsidiary challenging the old ways of running ecommerce and digital business. We exist to increase our clients’ revenue and help them getting more customers in the digital era. Our team consists of business consultants who understand software, as well as business-minded design and technology specialists.

You want your creative work to have a bigger impact than just creating the look and feel and UI of the products and services you're working on. You have the skills and courage to investigate, analyse and suggest both small experiments as well as bold moves to your clients.

You're great at communicating visually: your designs make complex and abstract things appear understandable and as beautiful as possible.

You have a wide variety of tools and methods in your toolbox, such as customer research, user personas, customer experience maps, user journeys and service blueprints, which help you conceptualise and communicate your design ideas. You’ve gained real life experience in building digital services and know how to use your tools to create clear and sharp insights to solve the actual business need.

There are no silver bullets for complex problems. Business driven design is more than a beautiful UI. A monolithic ecom platform might be just fine for one’s need whereas another customer is better served with sales channels built with specific cloud-based micro services. Design & technology are the tools for doing better business. Digital sales, or any sales, can’t be operated as an IT-project and the whole organisation needs to understand that. This is our mission.


We expect you to be a great communicator and experienced in facilitating ideation workshops and user interviews. You’ve worked earlier with software development projects and know how to communicate with business stakeholders and more technology-oriented people.

You have the proper tooling (Photoshop, Sketch, or similar) to visualise your ideas with sketches, wireframes and finalised design elements.

It would be very valuable, if you have previous experience in conceptualising and building digital customer channels, e-commerce services or webshops.

Please show us your portfolio.


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