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Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland


Did not find the ideal position in our other job openings? That's understandable. Please keep in mind that our process for other roles is more structured and will move faster.

For junior roles, we have the most common way of joining Columbia Road: applying for a Summer Job – these positions open between October and December, with people interviewed and selected between December and February.

For more senior roles, being "T-shaped" is a very welcome trait. We don't box people based on their choice of "primary skill", quite the contrary: consultants at Columbia Road are notorious for working is small, cross-functional teams and completing various business challenges that involve people and technology. If you apply to a position that has a title that feels familiar to you – that could be design, marketing technology, development, or something else – you'll be interviewed as a multi-talented human being, not as someone with a laser-like focus on their craft.

All that said, we might not know that we're looking for someone like you. You might bring something to the table that will totally surprise us and have a big impact on our organisation or to our clients' businesses. It's amazing when that happens.


For all roles, attach a CV (pdf).

For all design-related roles, attach a portfolio (or link to your portfolio site on the web).

For all development-related roles, provide access to GitHub or similar, so that we understand what kind of things you've been building in the past.

Right now, all work is done either in Helsinki or Stockholm.


Salary and benefits depend on the case.

If you're looking for a freelancer deal with us, please be open about your terms: how much work are you able to take on, what kind of predictability you require, and, if possible, provide some examples of your pricing.

Take a look at our Culture Code to get to know us better.

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